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Celebrated 50 Years in 2010!

There is a misprint in the schedule for the Novice dressage at the last show.  It should read Novice 27 not 22.

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Welcome to Thurrock Riding Club.

Thurrock Riding Club has been established for over fifty years. The club caters for all riders wishing to participate in various horse/pony classes at a local level. 

We hold a number of shows each year covering all age groups and levels of riders from the very novice upwards giving everyone the opportunity to compete and enjoy their sport and hobby.

We aim to improve and make the club better each year so please let us know if you have any ideas or suggestions.


Our Schedule 2017, Membership and Entry Forms are now available to download along with TRC Dressage tests, a downloadable competition performance chart to record your results, and a way to save money with homemade fly spray.  See forms for downloads. 

On this site you will find show dates, schedules, membership forms, results, pictures and announcements.

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Thurrock Riding Club


  Thurrock Riding Club, judges and officials will accept no responsibility for any loss of or damage to belongings, persons, horses or ponies visiting the showground.

Payment of an entry charge shall be deemed to be an acceptance of the Rules of TRC and The Disclaimer of Liability as defined on all entry forms and displayed on the Secretary's Caravan.